We offer services of mobile phone top-up, SIM card sales, receiving bill payments, payments by credit/debit card, and more.

Receiving of Bills

You can activate the bill receiving service at your establishment using the same POS terminal that you already use to sell reloads/top-ups. Contact your Sales Consultant to check availability of the service in your area and start to attract more customers to your store.

With the Banking Correspondent service, you attract more customers to your store with a service highly demanded by consumers. According to studies, establishments that offer bill payment services increase their sales by 20%, because 80% of people who pay a bill, purchase at least one product.

Key benefits for your customers:

  • They have quick access to a widely used banking service: payment of bills;
  • They can settle their financial commitments in one place;
  • They can pay their electric, telephone and water bills (among others), before or after the due date;
  • They can pay a wide range of other bills up to the due date.

Key advantages for your store:

  • Attracts more customers to your store, at no additional cost;
  • Generates additional revenue;
  • According to studies, 80% of customers who pay a bill also purchase at least one product.

  Advantages of using RV services:

  • Using the same terminal (POS) for reloads/top-ups and for receiving bill payments;
  • Built-in reader for accepting bar-coded bills;
  • Insurance offered by its banking partner (see applicable rules);
  • Hassle-free sign-up and streamlined installation of the equipment;
  • Call Center to provide operational support;
  • Signage, training, and frequent visits by your consultant.

Talk to your sales consultant to check the availability of the service offered by your bank.

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