We offer services of mobile phone top-up, SIM card sales, receiving bill payments, payments by credit/debit card, and more.

Bill Payments

With the bill payment service you will attract more clients to your store with a highly demanded service by costumers. According to studies, establishments that offer bill payment services increase their sales by 20%, because 80% of people who pay a bill, purchase at least one product.

Key benefits for your customers:

  • Invoices payments, taxes and upcoming and overdue bills;
  • Bill payments with Itau debit card;
  • Withdraw for Itau bank clients;
  • Quick access to a widely used banking service: payment of bills;

Key advantages for your store:

  • Attracts more customers to your store, at no additional cost;
  • Generates additional revenue;
  • According to studies, 80% of customers who pay a bill also purchase at least one product.

Advantages of using RV services:

  • Using the same terminal (POS) for reloads/top-ups and for receiving bill payments;
  • Built-in reader for accepting bar-coded bills;
  • Insurance offered by its banking partner (see applicable rules);
  • Call Center to provide operational support;
  • Signage, training, and frequent visits by your consultant.

Talk to your sales consultant to check the availability of the service offered by your bank.