VR Technology is a private corporation and conducts its business in a manner aligned to good corporate governance practices. The company ensures the transparency of management and business for the benefit of all shareholders and investors with a formal structure of governance, and their balance sheets audited by Ernst & Young.

The company has a Board of Directors and an Executive Board whose composition and main functions:

Board of Directors

Up to five Directors shareholders elected by the General Assembly with 3-year term, subject to re-election. Its principal activities are the definition of a general orientation of the Company’s business and professional supervision of the Executive Board, is meeting at least quarterly to review the results and main guidelines of the Company.

Executive Board

Composed of the Director General and other officers. Among the main activities of the Executive Board are to propose and monitor the implementation of the Annual Business Plan and is responsible for day-to-day management by operational decisions and strategy execution.

The main activities and news about the Company are reported via press and through the news channel on this site itself. The minutes and main results of VR technology will be available on site in Minutes and Announcements section.

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