A multi-service network, present in all Regions of Brazil, reaching more than 150,000 establishments in more than 3,000 cities.

Our Mission

To develop and profitably operate solutions of capture for electronic transactions, sales and distribution, identifying, developing and retaining talent in order to perpetuate the business, through customer satisfaction.

Our vision

To be among the nation’s four largest networks for capturing electronic transactions, and a leader in prepaid telephony products in Brazil.

Our values

Our day-to-day actions and decisions and our long-term vision are always guided by the five topics that constitute our way of doing business:

Customers and Suppliers

  • We have to be relevant to their business, contributing to their success.


  • We clearly define the objectives plus individual and team responsibilities;
  • We give our employees the opportunity for development, training and growth within the organization.

Quality and Innovation

  • We incorporate, develop and deploy new technologies so that our services will be carried out with quality;
  • We maintain a favorable environment for the development of creativity, encouraging new ideas.


  • All of our actions and activities are guided by ethics and integrity, in our relations with employees, customers, consumers and suppliers.


  • This assures the continued growth of our business and the meritocracy system, as well as the remuneration demanded by shareholders.