See why you should choose the solutions of RV Tecnologia to assist and improve sales of your establishment.


RV Tecnologia is constantly investing in technology and infrastructure.
Check out how concerned we are about the reliability of the services provided and security:

Point Of Sale

The Points of Sale are connected to RV through its Software House, over the Internet, or using our POS network.

The POS network is connected to RV through dedicated channels (private APN) of major GPRS operators in Brazil, allowing the transactions from thousands of establishments across the nation to be transmitted to RV without interruption. We manage the quality of the more than 24 million monthly transactions, and we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that services never stop.


The Cellcard platform makes it possible to manage and control transactions in the company’s customer base, offering companies complete solutions of:

  • Online or PIN-based transaction with issue of receipt for the end consumer and the commercial establishment;
  • Issuance, control and validation of PIN Codes generated by RV;
  • Integration with various platforms to support the services.

Software house

We integrate the Cellcard system with business automation software for commerce in general, thus allowing customers – through their store’s front-office solution, to offer prepaid services provided by RV Tecnologia as well.